Watch the Prep Tech ONE grinders in action. Our gear-driven grinders can help you get your jobs done in less than half the time of the typical grinder. Check out the videos to see for yourself.

Interview with Eric on Why He Uses Prep Tech Grinders

Eric, the owner of Concrete Interiors in Phoenix, has been replacing his fleet of grinders with Prep Tech Systems Grinders. Find out why he prefers our grinders to anything else on the market.

Grinder Demo

Part 1: Features the Prep Tech ONE 34. All Prep Tech ONE grinders get within millimeters of vertical walls, drastically reducing the time you spend with a hand grinder.

Part 2 (2:34): Watch the Prep Tech ONE go from start to polish in four passes


VCT Mastic Removal

Prep Tech PT ONE 30 concrete floor grinder performing VCT Mastic removal in one pass!!!

  • VCT mastic over Koster 100% solids moisture barrier
  • Used 30 medium bond double segment trapezoids


Prep Tech Systems Playlist

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