The Prep Tech Systems ONE

Exclusively designed and manufactured by Prep Tech Systems is the PT ONE professional concrete floor grinder.
Key Highlights:

  • Significantly increased pressure on tool
  • Newly engineered gearbox designed and manufactured exclusively by Prep Tech Systems
  • Safe Torque Technology to protect your machine from getting damaged by unexpected objects when grinding
  • Ultra durable round tube frame structure to extend the life of your machine
  • Stainless steel water tank with precise adjustable water flow systems
  • High quality machined components utilized for maximum performance and reliability
  • Nine-position adjustable weight systems designed for different tool pressure requirement
  • Two year manufacturer warranty backed by Prep Tech Systems
  • Fully geared planetary is DRIVEN, not passive


Model PT ONE 30 PT ONE 30
Operating Width 30-inches 762 mm
Motor Output 20 HP 15 kW
Grinding Disc 3 x 10-inch head 3 x 254 mm head
Rotating Speed 300 – 1450 rpm 300 – 1450 rpm
Actual Pressure on Tool 713 lbs (arm weights neutral) 847 lbs (arm weights down) 323 kg (arm weights neutral) 384 kg (arm weights down)
Voltage 208 – 240 V 208 – 240 V
Machine Weight 1,167 lbs 529 kg
Additional Weight (optional add-on) 90 lbs (2 x 45 lbs weights) 40 kg (2 x 20 kg weights)
Water Tank Capacity 7.5 gallons 28.4 Liters

2-Year Warranty

2-Year Limited Warranty
The Prep Tech ONE Grinding Machine has a two-year limited warranty that guarantees new equipment to be free from manufacturing defects under normal use and regular maintenance as specified on the Prep Tech ONE service schedule. All limited warranties begin on the date of purchase.