Prep Tech ONE Gear-Driven Grinders

Tear through any surface with the highest pressure on tool. The Prep Tech ONE line of concrete floor grinders include three models of gear-driven grinders.

Prep Tech ONE Grinder Demo



Recommended project size Under 5,000 sf Over 8,000 sf Over 10,000 sf
Operating Width 25 inches 30 inches 34 inches
Actual Pressure on Tool 536 to 790 lbs 604 to 869 lbs 686 to 936 lbs
Horse Power 20 HP 20 HP 20 HP
Grinding Disc 3 x 9-inch heads 3 x 10-inch heads 3 x 14-inch heads
Rotating Speed 300 – 1450 rpm 300 – 1450 rpm 300 – 1450 rpm
Voltage 3-phase 208-240V 3-phase 208-240V 3-phase 208-240V
Machine Weight 966 lbs/ 438 kg 1167 lbs/ 529 kg 1374 lbs/ 596 kg
Additional Weights 90 lbs / 40 kg 90 lbs / 40 kg 90 lbs / 40 kg
Stainless Steel Water Tank 7.5 gal / 28.4 L 7.5 gal / 28.4 L 7.5 gal / 28.4 L


  • Ultra durable Gear Drive
  • Component Driven
  • Weight Forward Design
  • Highest Pressure on tool
  • Unequaled Quality
  • 2 Year Factory Warranty

Designed to Be Your Dream Machine

The Prep Tech One’s focus on quality design and craftsmanship delivers unmatched reliability and outstanding performance. Unlike belt driven grinder where you’ll have to deal with regular belt breakage and slippage while on the job, Prep Tech Systems has a gear driven system. As a result, the Prep Tech One line is highly reliable, creates incredibly even scratch patterns, and is easy on the operator. Use the Prep Tech One all day without overheating, no stoppage for belt changes, and without tiring yourself out. The Prep Tech One is truly at the top of floor prep machine engineering.

Highly Profitable

The Prep Tech One line is designed to make you money out in the field. Our high quality, custom craftsmanship is designed to save you time,

  • Higher Production Rates
  • Low Maintenance Costs
  • All wear and tear parts are designed to be easily replaceable
  • Longer time between machine services
  • Low Downtime for Repairs
  • Lower Initial Investment Costs than Competitors


Prep Tech Systems PT ONE Gears In our Gear Driven Concrete Floor Grinders
  • Fully Geared planetary is DRIVEN, not passive
  • Consistent Scratch Patterns
  • No more broken belts. EVER
  • Forward AND Reverse rotation
  • Super aggressive removal with easier recovery to polish
  • Easy to maintain
  • Reliable out in the field – keep grinding all day


PT 130 with Weights UpEasy-Load Adjustable Weight System


PT ONE Easily add additional weights

  • Weight Forward Design lets you easily add or subtract weight without removing it from the machine
  • Simply tilt weight to upright position to neutralize the weight
  • Weight in the back position helps you tilt for tooling change
  • Weight Forward Design maximizes productivity by saving you time loading and unloading weights.
  • Built-in handle to easily remove weight for transport

PT ONE Adjustable Water FlowAdjustable Water Flow

The Prep Tech ONE grinders all feature an easy to use adjustable water flow. You can control the amount of water flowing during wet grinding to get the perfect amount of water down for your surface. The adjustable water flow also helps to significantly reduce your prep and clean up time because it makes much less of a mess.

PT ONE Angled Control PanelAngled Control Panel with User Friendly Buttons

The PT ONE control panel is angled to give you great visibility while operating the grinder. We designed large buttons so that you can easily press the buttons even with gloves on.



Every detail of the Prep Tech One concrete floor grinder was designed with the floor prep professional in mind. We designed the machine you dream about. Easy on the operator, highly profitable, reliable, and easy to maintain.

PT ONE Floor Grinder Easy Maintenance and High DurabilityEasy Maintenance

All wear components are build for longevity using metal parts.  Most parts are end-user replaceable, saving you valuable time and money.

PT ONE Floor Grinder Stainless Steel Water Tank on PT ONE 25, PT ONE 30, and PT ONE 34Stainless Steel Water Tank

Stainless steel water tank with a 28.4 liter capacity. The flow on the water tank is adjustable. Run the water at full speed, drizzle some water where you need it, or keep it off. Saves you time in clean up.

PT ONE Concrete Floor Grinders have the Toughest Frame in the industry


The frame is fully boxed and tubed. We designed it to be more durable than any other machine on the market using solid plate steel gusseting.

99% Metal Components. Everywhere we could use metal we did.


Prep Tech Systems Concrete Floor Grinder PT ONE 30 Integrated LED Lighting

Integrated LED lighting

  • Operate safely in low-light conditions with the integrated LED light.


Positive Lock Design

  • Positive Lock design on adjustable handle for safer operation.
  • Tough and sturdy, you’ll always know that your handle is locked tight in place.
PT ONE 30 Hour Meter

Integrated Hour Meter

  • Calculate exactly how many hours you spend on each job
  • Know exactly how long until your next scheduled maintenance

PT ONE integrated 12V outlet

12 Volt Adapter

  • Mounted on the side of the control box for accessibility
  • Charge your phone, mp3 or other electronic device

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