The PT ONE & PT PRO Grinders

Get outstanding standard features with the Prep Tech Grinders. If you want a a customized grinder and higher pressure on tool, we work with your company’s needs to modify the PT ONE Series to meet your unique needs. 

Standard Features

All Prep Tech Grinders come standard equipped with these features

9 Position Adjustable Weight System

Designed to achieve a variety of tool pressure applications

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Built for Professionals by Professionals

Over 100 CNC Precision Machined Parts

One of our secret recipes to achieve the tightest tolerance which is crucial to the quality of grinding/polishing outcome.

Load up on us

90 lbs of Additional Weight (standard equipped)


Safe-Torque Technology

Protect your concrete grinder from getting damaged by unexpected objects when grinding.

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Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Water Tank

Strong and heavy to give you extra head pressure

Siemens Motor

We only use the most reliable components that people can trust

Available in 15 HP and 20 HP

Angled Control Panel

Ergonomic design to be easily usable by the operator. 

Always keep your eye on the RPM 

Stainless steel construction for longevity 

12V adapter mobile phone charger

Integrated Phone Charger

Charge your mobile phone while grinding