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Feature of the Week: 9 Position Adjustable Weight System

Prep Tech 9 Position Adjustable Weight System All Prep Tech concrete floor grinders come standard with a 9 position adjustable weight systems built into the machine. Plus, all grinders include 90 lbs of additional weights. Prep Tech 9 position adjustable weight systems lets you achieve a variety of tool pressure applications Simply tilt weight to […]

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5 reasons why you should cut wet besides OSHA’s new rule

Are you ready for OSHA’s new rule on dust control? The OSHA’s Crystalline Silica Rule will take effect on September 23, 2017 for the concrete grinding and polishing industry. This means you’ll be subject to tighter dust controls on each job. To drastically cut down on dust, we recommend using your floor grinder to cut […]

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Protect Your Concrete Floor Grinder with Safe-Torque Technology

Protect your concrete floor grinder from getting damaged by unexpected objects when grinding. Exclusive to Prep Tech Systems Concrete Floor Grinders Don’t let anchor bolts, rebar, or machinery bases ruin your grinder. Even though you’ve checked the floor for potential obstacles, you just never know what you might run into when you’re grinding a floor. Prep […]

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Why Grinder Production Rates Are Useless

Gear Up Tip Why Published Production Rates are Useless

You may notice on the website that we don’t list production rates.  Believe me, we have nothing to hide. If you run our grinders head to head on the same floor, I guarantee our Prep Tech Grinders will come out on top every time. Usually, the Prep Tech ONE blow away our competitors by […]

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